The Ordination of a Deacon

In case you missed it, Gordon Pontifex was ordained as a Deacon on January 17th at Christ Church, Millarville. It was a very special service at which Archbishop Greg Kerr Wilson and several other Anglican clergy from the Calgary Diocese were present. It was fittingly held on the Eve of the Confession of St. Peter.

Since all three churches in our parish will be seeing a lot more of Gordon as a transitional Deacon (meaning he intends to proceed to the priesthood), we thought you might like to know a bit about Gordon and how God brought him to the Meota Parish!

Gordon worked as a high school physics teacher in Calgary for over 20 years. Upon retirement, he moved to Drumheller where he received his initial call to ministry. He ignored it at first but God’s persistence led Gordon to Ambrose Seminary in 2008. Gordon was placed with St. Luke’s Anglican Parish in 2012. After graduation the following year, Gordon spent the summer in charge of St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Barkerville. Gordon also provided ministry services to St. Magloire’s Anglican Church in Drumheller. At the request of Archbishop Greg Kerr Wilson, Gordon attended Wycliffe College in Toronto. To complete his Certificate in Anglican Studies from Wycliffe, Gordon has been placed with us in the Meota Parish. 

Gordon has felt a warm welcome from all three churches and is most pleased to be working daily with Rev. Alan whom he considers a good friend.

Though initially apprehensive about entering ministry at a later stage in life, Gordon could not ignore his calling. “The Lord guided me through seminary and I am confident that He will do the same as I continue on into ministry," says Gordon.

Gordon will complete his certificate mid-March, after which he will stay with Meota part-time, helping lead Sunday services and providing pastoral care in hospitals and lodges. 

The Parish looks forward to growing in faith alongside Gordon Pontifex!