Christ Church

This church was built in 1896, on open land in the Turner Valley oil field. The Church structure is very unusual in that it was constructed of logs placed vertically rather than horizontally. There is also a cemetery and a Church Hall on the property.

Sunday Morning Worship Service: 11:30 AM
Fellowship to follow (tea and coffee)
Sunday School - every Sunday (age 3 - grade 3)
Sunday School - 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month (grade 4 - grade 8)

In 1895, Reverend R. Murray Webb-Peploe recognized a need in Millarville for an Anglican church. He donated the land and one year later, Christ Church was built. Nearly 120 years later, Christ Church remains a well-loved and unique place to worship. Situated off the scenic Highway 549, Christ Church enjoys breathtaking Rocky Mountain panoramas, wildlife and beautifully maintained grounds.

Christ Church is named after Jesus of Nazareth, whom by his crucifixion and resurrection, we are saved! He has become the author of our salvation and our sins have been forgiven by his sacrifice. Each through him we have the promise of forgiveness and the hope of glory in eternal life! Each Sunday, the day of resurrection, we celebrate the good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ. 

Sunday Morning Worship Service: 11:30 AM

Church Contacts
Clergy: Rev. Alan Getty
Rev. Gordon Pontifex
Paul White (People’s Warden)
Real Durand (Rector’s Warden)
Cemetery Manager: Bill Jackson

Church House
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Sunday School
Seats up to 100 people